Introducing the Chilly Bin

Designed in Aotearoa New Zealand from years of skating experience, the unique flat front of the Chilly Bin makes running fast and easy. The extra grippy natural rubber compound is hard wearing with a very high rebound which translates into faster maneuvers and firmer grip.

If you are a blocker who does not like to give ground, this toe stop is for you. If you are a jammer who spends a lot of time on your toe stops then it is definitely for you. Do you like park and ramps and like to have a big, grippy cushion to land toe tricks? Yes, that's right, it's for you too!

The Chilly Bin is non-marking and works on a variety of surfaces including wood, Skatelite, sport tile, polished concrete, and asphalt.

Jam Plugs

Whether you like to slide along the floor and own the circle, or you are just starting to learn, these are the plugs for you. Removing your toe stops is also a great way to practice foot work and stops for park and derby skating. Slot these IQWT plugs in your skates to keep those floors from getting scratched and plug those unsightly holes in your plates! Jam plugs also create a nice point to "feel out" the ground.

High impact, durable plastic for long lasting tops and standard 5/8" toe stop threads. Available in assorted colors as pictured. Get a couple of different color sets to coordinate outfits or to mix and match.

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We will be launching a number of quad roller skate, surfskate, and longboarding products and accessories over the next several months. Please check back often for announcements, availability, and special events.


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